Metabolism is a natural process where the food you eat breaks down into proteins and transfers it to your body as a form of energy. Supplements are taken to boost the metabolism rate so you can lose more fat than you usually do during your regular diet and exercise. So you boost this rate to change yourself to bring back your lost inner confidence and belief. These supplements do not let more stubborn fat accumulate inside your body but rather bring healthy lean, and robust muscle mass inside your body. In this article, we will be discussing the

What are the factors that make you slow down your metabolism rate-

  • The genes, if in your family people are lazy, get quickly tired, lack energy, restless and lack in self-confidence then usually these genes will play a role in your body too making you more lazy and restless and wanting to sleep more.
  • Body composition: If your body has more accumulated stubborn fat, your metabolism rate will automatically be low. For this, you need to lose this fat to bring back the energy.
  • Gender: plays a huge role as it is scientifically tested that men have a higher metabolism rate than women.

The top 5 supplements are-

  1. Performix Super Strength Technology thermogenic supplement- contains 60 capsules in a pack of 36.28g. Costs- $ 49.99. This product is made from TeaCrine, caffeine, sensorial, vitamin B12, ashwagandha, Huperzine A, and yohimbine which stimulates your body heat and thermogenesis, thus boosting your metabolism rate and can be consumed only by adults.
  2. PhenGold- this product burns fat, reduces cravings for sugar and oily snacks, boosts metabolism, and elevates your mood and energy. The product is lab tested and does not need any prescription to buy it. This product hits on specific-fat burning hormones.
  3. PrimeShred- helps to boost your metabolism rate and burn excess stubborn fat. L- tyrosine, caffeine, and green tea extract caused an increase in the production of hormones like epinephrine which later helps to lose fat. The capsaicin in the cayenne pepper improves digestion, and the heat makes your heart beat rise; thus, your basal metabolic rate boosts by 10%.
  4. PhenQ– best metabolism booster overall. It has thermogenic properties which target fat metabolism. It contains an energy-boosting ingredient to boost you to do exercise. Friendly to those who have blood sugar.
  5. Trimtone- a fat-burning weight loss supplement for women. The ingredients used in this product reduce your appetite but generate thermogenesis, which elevates your heart rate and thus boosts your metabolism, helping you lose more calories.


The pills mentioned above are the most famous metabolism booster as of 2022.