Medical Marijuana is one of the musk known treatment plant selected by the medicinal world alike. They have come to the agreement that this plant has more useful purposes when used properly. This has left many scientific organisations to clash with their governments who have been on the move to ban Marijuana uses completely due to the increased uses of this as drug , this banning has caused a severe and non-reversible change in the medical industry and has affected more than millions of people around the world and left them to suffer. see here for more details.

Medical Marijuana and its advantages

Medical Marijuana has been one of the most used materials in many treatments. This has made their prominence in many sectors of the medical fields. The plant is also used by many hospitals in many of their treatments and surgeries. This is mainly due to the cheap costs and great results that are obtained from them. The main purpose of these Medical Marijuana are as healers and painkillers

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Medical Marijuana as a painkiller

Medical Marijuana is known to be the best painkiller that is in existence, this has been confirmed by both scientists and doctors alike. This has shown that even a few millilitres of the drug injected to a person’s body can make them free of any pain which would usually take them through a dose of very powerful painkillers on hourly basis. Another know fact is the cost of the plant. Since this is a naturally courage plant they are very readily available. The plant is also cultivated by special government permitted facilities to make them available for all the hospitals and habitation centres.

Revenue generated from Cannabis

  • Aphria

On the third number, the 2014 founded company has been seen to generate cannabis. They are the lead producers for any cannabis dispensary and deal exclusively in medical cannabis products. Net revenue generated by the company is CAD 21.7 million.

  • CannTrust Holdings

Even though the fame of other cannabis companies is not shared by CannTrust, the company still enjoys fame in Canada by being a major player in the marijuana market. Net revenue has been CAD 12.6 million.

As this is a natural product there is no cost for processing and air tight packaging, this meant ahata the cost of the machined can be brought down to the two digits figures from the current 4-5 digit figures in many places, hence curing the suffer and pain from million so the world.