In today’s generation it is observed that at a very young various bones and movement-related problems occur which can be very irritating and painful as well. These problems may occur due to stress, workload, imperfect sitting posture, bad sleeping pattern, hectic lifestyle and improper eating habits. It is said that if the body is not fit one cannot extract the best result out of the invested efforts in any works, in such problems arthritis is considered to be most common among the working class of our populations and in old age as well. As the age increases the movement and joint related problems also increases.

What really arthritis is?

In doctor’s language Arthritis is joint related problems, which generally leads to swelling and tenderness of one or more than one joints. Joint pain and stiffness can be considered as the main symptoms of the arthritis, if ignored, this problem increases with age. This problem can be examined and if dealt in right manner can be cured as well.

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