“Excess of everything is bad”. It’s a common rule that applies to everything in the world we live in. Whether it is milk or alcohol, drinking anything in excess will harm your health. And thus comes the importance of moderation which is self-restraint or within limits. Alcohol if consumed in moderation may delight your senses and enrich the experience of dining or an occasion, however, the same drink, if consumed daily or more than compatible with your intake may risk your life. Beneath, we have discussed the harmful effects of consuming excess alcohol on your heart.

Is Alcohol Good For Your Heart?

Drinking alcohol in a specific intake may prove good for your heart. However, that proof hasn’t yet been backed by concrete shreds of evidence. While many researchers suggest that drinking alcohol in moderation can be good, the idea hasn’t yet been entirely valued by science. This means, there aren’t any concrete facts that state the benefits of drinking alcohol as such. And thus, there are many good reasons for you to begin consuming alcohol. Further, excess consumption of it can certainly put your heart at risk.

Why Consuming Alcohol Is Bad For Your Heart Health?

Over drinking, alcohol can increase the risk of heart attacks. Condition like alcoholic cardiomyopathy can happen if you are a regular drinker of some four to five glasses of alcohol every day for a prolonged period. In this, your heart’s muscle tends to weaken.

However, if you think, excessive alcohol drinking only during certain occasions will be a safer option, you must think about it again. Drinking a large quantity of alcohol once in while can disturb the functioning of your blood pressure as well as give you atrial fibrillation which is an irregular heartbeat. Further, those who consume alcohol regularly have been seen maximum cases of tricuspid regurgitation affecting the tricuspid valve.  

tricuspid valve

Those who drink alcohol in comparison to those who do not remain at a higher risk of heart failures, coronary artery disease, etc.

Why You Should Not Drink Alcohol?

There are several answers to this question. First being alcohol affects your social as well as emotional life. The drink influences your nervous system and slowly, without realising you may become a habitual drinker or follower. Below are certain reasons other than those related to heart health that will help you maintain your distance from alcoholic drinks:

  • It can cause obesity
  • It can negatively affect the tricuspid valve
  • Risk of cancer
  • Impact on liver
  • Mood swings
  • Unable to take the stress and manage emotional pain
  • Weakens nervous system
  • Can cause accidents

And much more.


Alcohol has become an integral part of many cultures and societies. During celebrations and happy occasions, people tend to indulge in alcoholic drinks and beverages. However, considering its harmful effects, it is always advisable to either entirely avoid consuming alcoholic drinks or pursue moderation.