Yoga is a Sanskrit word, which reveals a systematic collaboration and combination of physic, mind, and spirituality. Yoga entirely depends on the practice and disciplinary actions performed to be fit and fine both by mentally and physically as well. Basically its origin connects with Hinduism. But in a grater aspect and prospect yoga word includes all the power of all religion and spiritualism to be practiced in every region of the world. Yoga is all about building balance, flexibility, inner strength and creating healthy practices for everyday life. More than that, it a compact process to wash out all the elements from our body and soul which is not at all necessary and harmful as well.

Healthy Life

Concept of Yoga burn

With the change of time yoga is too got modernized with developed ideas and experimental reviews. The process of yoga is also got digitized by the advancement of medical science. With the advancement the concept of yoga burn has emerged. It is actually downloadable, digitized body shaping and exercising programmemade for woman. This programme is always available through the internet connection at your fingertips. Using any kind of electronic devices anyone can practice the yoga burn process. It is all about a strategic three phased procedure combining the natural and healthy weight loss process.

Process of yoga burn

With Zoe Bray Cotton yoga burn process has been introduced and this progamme is now being followed by every modernized yoga studios in the world. The success of the yoga burn procedure is lying under its dynamic sequencing of movements. It is a twelve week progressive programme to achieve a toned, attractive healthy body. The procedure follows following phases:

  • Foundational flow- This phase is called foundational flow because here the process is meant to build the strong and solid foundation. The first four weeks are fixed to perform this phase to build proper mind-body balanced connection
  • Traditional flow- the second phase is called traditional flow. In This phase the programmeis meant to teach how to combine the phase one with the newly incorporated exercises. It will high the heart rate to burn more calories This programmecombines three work outs such as- upper and the lower body and the core.
  • Mastery flow- in this phase you will learn to combine the previous phases to ignite the metabolism to achieve a toned body.

This programme is specifically prepared to meet the necessity of modern, confident women, who want to be dynamically shaped and to be all fit.