The cartridge for the subsystem is a removable plastic tank, inside of which the evaporator is built. As it fails, the heater is replaced in its entirety, together with the tank. You do not need to unscrew, disassemble or use force – you pulled the old one up, but the new one in, and you’re done.It is the simplest heating element among interchangeable ones.

Online the original source of course, cartridges are not suitable for all electronic cigarettes, but only for the category of POD systems. Usually, these are the simplest devices, often with a tight draw, almost always with a built-in battery. But there are also settings, buttons, displays, modes… In general, the segment is developing, so new cartridges for POD systems appear, even for old models.

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Types of e-cigarette cartridges

There are 2 main types of cartridges: closed type and open type. The former are pre-filled and designed to be disposable. The latter has a lid through which the liquid must first be poured, and only then soar.

The thought immediately comes: “you need to buy an open cartridge for an electronic cigarette, it’s cheaper that way.” It’s hard to say for sure, because the consumption here is miniature, and the fortresses are tall, so one refuelling is enough for a very, very long time. The open type rather makes it possible to choose your taste, and not be content with what is offered.

There are also cartridges for electronic cigarettes with replaceable evaporators, which the pattern, but still. The principle is simple: everything is the same, only the evaporator needs to be changed, and not the entire tank. It happens that it’s cheaper, but it doesn’t happen every time, so the choice is yours, but there are no serious differences here.

It is important to understand that if you already have a vape on cartridges, then they are unlikely to be “for every taste”, most likely they will be models of either a closed type, or an open one, or with interchangeable heads, or with built-in ones, and not all at once. That is, such a basic construct was laid down from the very beginning, the choice is limited, but there is another situation when the manufacturer, or someone from the outside, makes a different model, for example, serviced or pre-filled.