CBD gummies are an easy and convenient way to consume CBD. CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical found in Cannabis plants that has many health benefits without the psychoactive effects (getting high) of traditional marijuana. Thc free cbd gummies are legal in all 50 states, making it a good alternative for those that want the medicinal benefits without wanting to get “high”.


The therapeutic benefits of CBD are vast, but some well-known ones include reducing anxiety, quelling seizure activity, and relieving pain. The list goes on and on! Find out what CBD can do for you by reading our article “10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Cannabidiol.

The benefits of CBD gummies are that they are easy to consume and convenient. Gummies come in a number of fun shapes and flavors that can appeal to a wide variety of tastes. And since you don’t have to inhale the CBD, there are no messy side effects. What’s more, since these products are made from hemp, they’re entirely natural!

Thc free cbd gummies

CBD Gummies Versus CBD Oil vs Other Products: Which Is Best?

While each of these products has its own merits, we believe that gummies are the most user-friendly way to incorporate CBD into your day-to-day routine. CBD oil is great for applying directly to the skin or mixing into your favorite foods and drinks. Other forms, like CBD capsules or vape pen liquids, have their own benefits and we have an article that covers those in detail. No matter what form of CBD is right for you, at CBDfx we believe in offering a variety of options so that you can find your best fit.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

Yes, CBD gummies are legal! Cannabidiol is legal in all fifty states without a prescription and there is no THC present in these products. This is not to be confused with the many other CBD products, like CBD edibles and capsules, which contain THC. For more information about the legal status of CBD in your state, check out this page on Leafly.

What’s The Best CBD Gummy Flavor?

You can find CBD gummies in a wide range of flavors, including: watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, and more. Our favorite go-to flavor is the watermelon! It’s amazing how many side effects can be avoided by switching to CBD gummies.

How Do You Take CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies can be taken in four ways: as a standalone supplement (chewable or chalky), mixed into food or drinks (a soft gel), mixed into capsules or oil (chewing or tincture) and as an oil/extract. The most popular way to consume these products is to take the gummies using your fingers.