Hybrid marijuana is the type of marijuana that is a mix of sativa and indica strain but varies depending on the percentage that it has in it. There is already a lot of hybrid on the market today since there are already some pretty popular ones in the market like banana kush. So if you’re in a place where marijuana is legal you will easily be able to find hybrids without a problem.

But there are things that you need to remember if you plan to take one of any other marijuana for that matter because marijuana is a very potent psychoactive drug and taking one will require responsibility, accountability, and control. There is a price for the legalization of marijuana you know and that means more strict limitations of its use. Below you can find a few good reasons why you should choose to take a hybrid. 

It has a lot of variation: Banana Kush, Blue Dream, Dutch Treat, and Jilly Bean just to even say a few are hybrids and they are a result of mixing various strains from sativa and indica. No hybrid is the same, it has a ton of variation to choose from. So if you plan to venture into hybrid territory there are so many strains that you can try to satisfy your taste and curiosity in finding the most ideal one for you. 


There are a lot of it sold already: Because of the popularity and legality of marijuana that you won’t be at a dead end in finding hybrids in dispensaries. In fact, with how marijuana is very popular these days you can expect that you will be able to find your preferred hybrid strain in various dispensaries. Just make sure to practice control and be mindful of the strain that you’re using based on its recommended use. 

The experience is unique: Because hybrids are a mixture of various strains, there are a lot of variations to choose from based on the flavor, effects, potency, half-life and many many more. While there are plenty of reasons to enjoy hybrid and any strain, in particular, it’s important to not overdose it because as you know by now marijuana does provide some positive effects to the body only when taken with the right dose. So before you even try to take one make sure to consult an expert first. Usually, the dispensary can give some pretty good advice.

Hybrid has been pretty popular these past few years for the reason that it provides a different take on the usual marijuana experience. Its unique and different, something that some long-term marijuana users are looking for. But, of course, taking one will require responsibility and control. If you happen to be interested in hybrid and you have a plan to take them, make sure to visit Ethos Genetics for your fix.