There are important factors you should consider before you use any acne cure products. By considering this factors, it will ensure that not only you’ve purchased the right acne treatment product but also you’ve not wasted your money on fake products that are bound to fail.

During puberty, people normally experience some hormonal changes and it eventually results in acne accumulation on the skin. Sebum is just a natural oil that skins secrete so as to lubricate and keep the skin healthy. Stress or anxiety is also another reason why people secrete more oil on their skin. Here are some of the factors you should consider:

Reducing Sebum production to reduce and treat acne

Any acne treatment product you select must have the capability to manage production excess sebum or oil. Sebum control is one of the efficient ways of treating acne. The excess production of oil happens due to various factors such as hormone imbalance. Therefore you should consider this factor if you want a quick positive result.

Since sebum is closely related to acne disorder, just imagine if you can find effective ways for sebum control! According to the research, acne wounds quantity and sebum production likely differs. This implies that patients with acne definitely have higher production of sebum. On the other hand, it means that not only excess sebum production cause acne but also there are other factors involved.

The role of Sebum Control against formation of Acne

The production of sebum normally takes place in sebaceous glands. When the accumulation of sebum happens in sebaceous glands it forms acne. Acne gets infected if the bacteria invade the fluid that’s why even if you have the shiny skin you might not develop acne unless your glands are blocked.

Sebum will be poured out when the glands are opened. When the glands are blocked, there will be an accumulation of sebum, hence there will be the formation of acne.

Therefore, you always keep glands open and also try as much you can to keep the bacteria away. Also if the sebum is excessively opened, it may result in acne. Thus, blockage of glands is the prime cause of acne.

Acne treatment is not an easy task for individuals who suffer from it. They always wish the acne would vanish overnight but that doesn’t happen that way.

Acne skin condition is characterized by swollen and red skin lesions that mostly appear on the forehead, chin, nose, back and chest area. Acne skin condition can be categorized as moderate, mild and serious acne. Each of this condition has its own option for treatment. For individuals who have skin spots, it’s important to know that sebum surplus is what encourages the acne cycle.

When the body experiences a sebum surplus, it does not mean that the skin is healthier or that it is a better lubrication. Actually, it is just an initiation cycle and it the main cause of acne breakout.


There is some common belief regarding sebum control. Other people believe that an excess sebum through blotting oils can reduce the production of sebum. Also, some believe that if someone uses products that should be used to control the production of oil this can enhance the production of sebum. Both of these beliefs are not true since the drying oil surplus can only eliminate the surface oil.

Another crucial thing that most people don’t know is that a decrease of sebum depends on someone’s age. Especially, in women, it normally decreases after menopause.

And by using sebum control products can increase the production of sebum. It’s just meant for skin protection, but an increase in sebum production can result in the shiny or oily skin.